How to Help Your Dog Enjoy Their Crate

All pet owners have their own feelings about crating their dog, but these crates are intended to be a safe and comfortable place for your pet. They can go in there for bed, for a quick nap, or just to relax because they enjoy this space so much. Check out these helpful tips to make this area feel more like home and ensure your dog feels secure in their crate.


Make Sure It’s the Right Fit

It’s important to make sure the crate is big enough for your dog to feel as if they have their own sense of freedom. Only allowing them space to sit, stand, or lie down without much room to stretch or reposition can stress your dog out, feeling like they’re being caged and punished. Instead, be sure to allow them enough space to relax if they’re house-trained so they don’t associate their crate to a negative feeling. This also goes for elderly pets.


Fill It with the Proper Comforts

Depending on your dog’s personality, you’ll want to start with something that they can rest on. If they’re prone to chewing on beds and blankets, try to find a proper mat that’s comfortable, but difficult to damage for the safety of your dog. If you leave your dog in the crate for an extended amount of time, be sure that they have the proper resting material that they won’t be uncomfortable.


Of course, they should always provide them with access to fresh water and perhaps a toy that will hold them over for the time being. There are great toys and long-lasting treats that can occupy your dog for an extended amount of time.


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