Dog Care in the Fall

Fall is officially here! We’re all thankful for the cooler weather, where it’s safer to bring your dog outside for extended periods of time without the strong, Summer sun beating down on everyone. Despite the change in seasons, there are still things that pet owners need to be mindful of during this time of the year.


As you watch and record your dog romping through the leaves and having the time of their life, be careful to carefully examine them when it’s time to come inside. Ticks love to hide in their comfortable fur, so be sure to check each and every time your dog is outside. Don’t hesitate to ask us about tick control and repellent products, as well – they can certainly come in handy!


Beware of Rodent Repellent Products
As the weather gets colder, outdoor rodents are doing their best to find a place to stay warm. While letting your dog wander outside is fun and exciting, we urge you to keep an eye on them so they don’t get into something they’re not supposed to. Depending on your dog’s size, they may be able to get into those usual hard-to-reach places, so don’t let them get into any small or tight spaces that is out of your reach.