Dealing with Pet Allergies

As much as you love your furry friend, you may not always have the best time with them because of your allergies. Whether you’re sneezing, dealing with a runny nose, or have itchy and dry skin, your allergies could be out of control due to your pet. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know how bad your allergies could be until you’ve come face-to-face with it.


Check out some helpful tips on how to comfortably live with your pet as you deal with allergies:

  • Clean, clean, clean: While it may not sound fun, it may make your life much easier to clean more than you used to when you didn’t have a pet.
  • Limit your pet’s space: If you want to lay on your couch and watch movies on a lazy day, but don’t want a runny nose or red, itchy eyes, then keep your pets off areas that you like to lounge on.
  • Wash and brush your pet frequently: When bathing and brushing your pet consistently, it limits their allergens.