Car Safety for Dogs

Whether you’re running to get errands finished or you’re going on a long trip, bringing your dog along may seem like the best option. It’s quite common knowledge that numerous breeds love going for car rides, but we want to make sure that you’re keeping your dog safe during the trip.


Below, we discuss important steps to take when traveling with your dog in the car.


Secure Your Dog
While Florida doesn’t have any dog restraint laws, we highly recommend carefully strapping them in. Letting your dog walk from the front to the back seat, or go into the trunk area, can cause them to potentially get stuck, trapped, or severely hurt. And, because you’re in the middle of driving, it’ll be difficult to pull over and care for them. The best options are to purchase a harness that’s made for dogs that can buckle them in or keep them safe in a crate that’s secured to a seat.


Keep a Clear Car for a Curious Pup
Food items like chocolate and chewing gum are extremely bad for your dog, so you always keep them out of reach in the house. We want to make sure that’s the case for the car ride, too! People leave cleaning products, air fresheners, chewing gum, and other miscellaneous items around the car, all things that your dog can easily reach if it’s nearby. Always make sure that you have a clean, maintained car to protect your dog during the ride.