Unique Facts about Your Cat

When you’re sitting at home, petting your favorite feline friend, have you ever wondered how well you know your cat? Of course, you know their quirks, you know where they like to be pet and where they don’t, you know when he’s hungry and when he’s tired. But there are more qualities to your cat that you may not know of – check them out below:

Cats Don’t Only Purr When They’re Happy

When you hear your cat purring, you expect that they’re in a great mood, especially if you’re petting them in their favorite spot. But did you know that they can also be purring because they’re stressed? The frequency at which they purr – known to be between 25 to 150 Hertz – can improve their bone density and promote healing in their body. Purring is also seen as a form of communication.

Cats are Way Better Hunters than Dogs

While dogs have a more aggressive approach of hunting, cats are extremely stealthy, which is always an advantage. Cats and their feline family are much better hunters and are more capable of survival than dogs and canine companions, which has been proven from fossil studies.

Not All Cats are Obsessed with Catnip

The most common misconception about cats is that they ALL go crazy for catnip. While there are countless funny videos of cats rolling around in the leaves and stems of the plant, their reaction to it is typically determined by genetics. A small percentage of cats, about 20 to 30, are immune to the effects of catnip.