Does Your Cat Need a Companion?

Having a feline friend to come home to after a long day of work can brighten your day, but do you ever wonder how your cat feels when they’re home alone? While cats are extremely independent in many ways, there may be behavioral changes that they’re experiencing which show signs of loneliness.

Check out some tips on how to recognize if getting another cat will benefit your current situation.

Dramatic Behavior Changes and a Shift in Energy

If you suddenly find that your cat is acting out of character, loneliness could be a reason why. They could start to become clingy from the moment you get home to the moment you leave for work, knowing that they won’t get that same attention when you’re gone. They may be experiencing separation issues and another furry friend can be the solution.

Cats are also typically energetic when they’re ready to play, but if you notice that your cat is becoming more lethargic than they have been in the past, then a playful buddy could be the key to cheering them up. While another cat isn’t always the solution, it’s important to keep in mind.

Increase in Destructive Behavior

We know cats are naturally curious, but if they become aggressive and start destroying things like your furniture, they may be experiencing boredom. Sometimes, their toys simply aren’t enough to entertain them, so they’ll find something to occupy their time. A companion could be a fantastic addition to keep both your cats occupied and happy to spend time with each other.