Moving with Pets

It’s time to move on to bigger and better things, whether it’s a larger apartment or even a brand-new house. You certainly have a lot on your plate during this time, so we want to help give you some helpful tips on moving to a new location with your furry friends and how to make this transition comfortable.


It’s no secret that many cats don’t like change, so they may have a hard time adjusting to a new space. Try to get them adjusted to what their last few weeks in their old home may be like by leaving around boxes and bags that you’ll be using to pack with. When the move begins, keep them in an isolated area that they’re comfortable with so you can move your things without having to worry about them getting hurt or potentially escaping.


Bring items that your dog is comfortable with and around, like their toys and bed, into the new house so there’s a sense of familiarity. Get them used to one room at a time when you bring them into the new space. While it’s your instinct to let them run around and see everything all at once, it can still be overwhelming for them and they can become skittish and nervous.