Household Items that can be Hazardous for Your Cat

If there’s one thing we’re all familiar with, it’s that cats are naturally curious! They love to explore anything and everything – it’s one of the many reasons they get stuck in such strange places, whether it be the top of a door or in between your blinds. But sometimes, cat owners must be careful and make sure that their curiosity doesn’t hurt them.


Below are some household items that could be harmful for your feline friend:


Rubber Bands: These small, easy-to-lose bands can easily be dropped and never seen again. They’re quite similar to hair ties, which can be put down in one spot and found in another. Cats love to swat and bite at these, but if they ever happen to swallow them, it can cause serious intestinal damage.

Plants: While flowers can brighten up a room, they can also be extremely poisonous to your cat. Cats are likely to sniff and chew on most things they want to be more familiar with, but there are some plants that contain toxins that can cause severe kidney or liver damage. Be mindful when looking for house plants if you have a curious cat.