How to Make an Old Dog Feel Young

Everyone remembers the time when their rambunctious puppy couldn’t stop moving and it was hard to keep up with them! Now, you may be starting to notice that your dog is starting to slow down a bit and they may have trouble with basic tasks like going for walks or eating as much food as they used to. There’s no set age or time that your dog officially becomes a “senior,” but it’s important to recognize these hints and start adjusting to make their lives easy and comfortable.


Here are some helpful tips that you can start utilizing for your aging pet:


Introduce Supplements: Some supplements are extremely beneficial for aging dogs. There are some that relieve joint pain that your dog may experience when walking or running and others that could improve their diet if they’re having trouble eating.

Exercise Consistently: Aches and pains your dog may be experiencing could be due to the amount of exercise they’re getting and the frequency of it. Try to regulate times to walk or play at the same time every day so there are no inconsistencies.